What I learned from SQLSaturday Madrid

Last Saturday 20th October, I attended the following conferences:

  • Power BI Hacks by Rui Romano
  • Azure databricks for data scientist by Alberto Díaz Martín
  • Deploying ML models by Pablo Doval
  • An admin’s look to Power BI by Adam Saxton
  • Processing real-time telemetry with Azure Stream Analytics by Murilo Miranda
  • Deep learning hype by Carlos Ortega

The learning lesson I liked most were:

    • The use of NativeQuery, use measure as dimensions, measures as images, an powerbips.tools tips to export data to SSAS (Power Bi hacks)
    • The use of notebook for modelling, and exporting models, and examples of how to instanciate mml models, docker images and deploy it into production (Azure databricks)
    • The use of powershell as a tool for managing Power BI (An admin’s look to Power BI)
    • The use of Powershell, Visual Studio Code, and Python for configuring an running experiments. As well, as the discovery of Hyperdrive tools for optimising hyper parameters (Deploying ML models)
    • The use case for configuring Azure Stream Analytics and the discovery of Azure Data Studio application for programming, executing and monitoring applications (Processing real-time telemetry)
    • The benchmark of ML methods and the realisation of mistified deep learning methods (Deep learning)

I will pursue my quest of gaining domain and expertise in simulation sciences, by exploring the use of sensor and clould platforms for reading and modelling real-time stream of sensor data.
Special mention to Adam Saxton due to his impressive presentation and thanks fo all sponsors and volunteers for making SQLSaturday Madrid happens another year.

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