Use of ggplot and knitr in a rmarkdown to report results of activated sludge simulation

I am currently attending an online specialization course on water sanitation modelling at Unesco-IHE.
On the first assignment, I consider writing the report straight away in R using Rmarkdown PDF template, rather than jumping from Excel to Word by modelling, formatting and writing.
I found the experience of using Rmarkdown time saving and enjoyable, as I was capable of performing a regression on the fly as I was writing the report and produce neat and nice visualizations and tables with ggplot and knitr::kable.
Rmarkdown stand out with several capabilities:

  • Writing nice formulas like chemical reaction kinetics,
  • representing the chemical processes (endogenous respiration and air mass transfer in Petersen matrix), by using the kable function
  • Embedding R code for data import, visualization, transformation and modelling using readxl, ggplot, and linear regression.
  • Embedding jpg images in the repor using the command ![]+image filepath.

You can see the rmd and html sample files in the following urls:


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