What I learned from SQLSaturday Madrid

Last Saturday 20th October, I attended the following conferences: Power BI Hacks by Rui Romano Azure databricks for data scientist by Alberto Díaz Martín Deploying ML models by Pablo Doval An admin’s look to Power BI by Adam Saxton Processing real-time telemetry with Azure Stream Analytics by Murilo Miranda Deep learning hype by Carlos Ortega

Database dependencies graph visualization

Database dependencies graph visualization The journey from JSON file to graph format, and visualization with Gephi Rafael Ventura 2017-05-06 Goal To enable Business Intelligence team visualising legacy database table dependencies on designing a migration process Scope As this an exploratory study, R was chosen to read, process and transform a JSON file with database table

Indian Water Quality Visualization Using Heatmaps

Recently I download a file with Indian data quality data in Kaggle (https://www.kaggle.com/venkatramakrishnan/india-water-quality-data). I decided to explore data visualization package to learn how to make neat and tidy visualization using heat maps.File has the following structure: water.quality<-readRDS("water.quality.rds") head(water.quality) ## State.Name District.Name Block.Name Panchayat.Name ## 1 ANDHRA PRADESH EAST GODAVARI(04) PRATHIPADU(10) GOKAVARAM(04) ## 2 ANDHRA PRADESH


Welcome to this blog. I would like to share my learnings and findings in this blog with the purpose of enable user to use R for chemical process modelling and business analysis in water projects. The original question was: Why should I rely on proprietary software for Operations Research if R language provide functionality for